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Target Industries

Aerospace | Manufacturing |  Food Industries |  Distribution and Logistics


BQK Airport boasts an 8,000 foot long runaway, several industrial parks and surrounded by nearly 2,000 acres of developable land.

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The unparrelled logistics network to move your company’s supplies and products coupled with tailored workforce programs for your industry

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Food Industries

 Join the Golden Isles regional cluster and take advantage of relationships and synergies with like-minded companies of all sizes.

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Distribution and Logistics

Reach 80% of the Unites State’s populations within a two-day drive from our region. All major modes of transporation are at your disposal.

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Existing Industries in Glynn County – Our Top Priority

Brunswick & Glynn County has a long history in manufacturing and has a thriving industrial community.  At the Development Authority, we’re committed to providing world class service and support to our existing industries.

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