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Why Glynn County, Georgia?

  • Two Ports for quickly moving product – Port of Savannah or Port of Jacksonville

  • Extremely high workforce availability – nearly double the National average!

  • Competitive wage rates for the Food Industry – around 11% lower than the National average

  • All modes of transportation are readily available

  • Regional Food Processing Industry Cluster creates a lot of synergies

Food Industry Workforce Snapshot

Huge Supply – Brunswick and Glynn County, Georgia is a hotspot for this kind of talent. The national average for an area this size is 3,582 employees, while there are 6,174 here.

6,174 Glynn County
3,581 National

Low Cost – cost for talent is low in Glynn County, Georgia. The national median salary for your occupations is $22,120, while you’ll pay $19,709 here.

$19,709 Glynn County
$22,120 National

High Demand – Competition from online job postings is high in Glynn County, GA. The national average for an area this size is 106 job postings/mo, while there are 188 here.

188 Glynn County
108 National
148 national average

Retirement risk is high.  The national average for an area this size is 148 age 65+ employees, while there are 220 here.

2,406 national average

Racial diversity is about average.  The national average for an area this size is 2,406 racially diverse employees, while there are 2,536 here.

2,118 national average

Gender diversity is high.  The national average for an area this size is 2,118 female employees, while there are 3,454 here.

Workforce Supply and Demand

Rich Products Student Industry Tour Golden Isles Career AcademyHigher Supply (Jobs) than the National Average

The regional vs. national average employment helps you understand if the supply of your occupations is a strength or weakness for Glynn County, GA, and how it is changing relative to the nation. An average area of this size would have 3,581 employees, while there are 6,173 here.

This higher than expected supply may make it easier to find candidates.

18% Past Growth (2011 – 2016) | 7% Projected Growth (2016 – 2021)

Emsi Q1 2017 Data Set |

Food Industry Workforce Demand

In the last 12 months, 78 companies in Glynn County, GA competed to hire your occupations. The top 10 competitors and their job posting activity are listed below.

Emsi Q1 2017 Data Set |

Food Industry Report Parameters

This report shows the workforce availability for Glynn County only. Our workforce is much more regional but these figures will give you an idea of what you can expect from the local workforce.  Click here to download the Food Industry Report for Glynn County >>

This report represents five key occupations in the Food Industry Sector:

  • 51-3000 Food Processing Workers
  • 35-1000 Supervisors of Food Preparation and Serving
  • 35-2000 Cooks and Food Preparation Workers
  • 35-3000 Food and Beverage Serving Workers
  • 35-9000 Other Food Preparation and Serving Related

Regarding National averages…

National average values are derived by taking the national value for your occupations and scaling it down to account for the difference in overall workforce size between the nation and Glynn County, GA. In other words, the values represent the national average adjusted for region size.

The data and information contained in this report was compiled by Emsi Economic Modeling Software.  Access to these reports was made possible by a grant from the Southeast Georgia Joint Development Authority.

About Emsi Economic Modeling Software

Emsi data is a hybrid dataset derived from sources ranging from real-time job postings to official government sources such as the US Census Bureau, Bureau of Economic Analysis, and Bureau of Labor Statistics. Leveraging the unique strengths of each source, our data modeling team creates an authoritative dataset that captures more than 99% of all workers in the United States.

Visit Emsi online at

Download the Food Industry Report
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Logistics and Transportation


  • Brunswick-Golden Isles Airport – located in Glynn County and offers three daily flights to Atlanta via Delta
  • Jacksonville International Airport – 45 minute drive south on I-95
  • Savannah International Airport – One hour north on I-95


  • Interstate 95
  • U.S. Highways 341 and 82
  • One hour drive time to both I-16 to the north and I-10 to the south


  • Port of Brunswick – located in Glynn County
  • Port of Savannah – one hour north via I-95
  • Port of Jacksonville – one hour south via I-95


Available Sites and Buildings

Tradewinds Industrial Park

The Tradewinds Industrial Park offers 680 acres with access to I 95 via a one mile drive over Hwy 99 to a completely undeveloped interchange, one of the few remaining on I 95. This industrial park is an opportunity to acquire a highly visible location (I95) that is located perfectly in between the Port of Savannah and Jacksonville.

Brunswick Ro/Ro Capacity up by 50 percent

At the annual State of the Port address hosted by the Brunswick-Golden Isles Chamber of Commerce Thursday, Georgia Ports Authority Executive Director Griff Lynch said the GPA increased auto processing capacity at Colonel's Island Terminal by 50 percent over the past 12 months, all of which has been absorbed by processors and manufacturers.

Indigo’s Coastal Shanty

Indigo's Coastal Shanty is a very popular restaurant in Downtown Brunswick, Georgia. Check out what's new...