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Wages and Employment Data for Glynn County

If you were to view the industries that employ the largest amount, you would see that “Accommodation and Food Services” and “Retail Trade” are the largest employers in Glynn County. The area is first and foremost a tourist destination. However, manufacturing is also very high on the list. Brunswick and Glynn County’s local economy is naturally diverse. We like to think of the ares as a prime location for manufacturing that offers unmatched quality of life.

Interactive Data Table Business Establishment Types, Employment Levels, and Average Wages

Use the interactive table below to learn more about the local economy and it’s strengths. ┬áJust click on the column heading to sort the data in the table.

IndustryEstablishmentsTotal EmployedPercent of WorkforceAverage Weekly Wages
Wholesale Trade897932.2996
Retail Trade4395,23414.3467
Transportation and Warehousing581,2183.3862
Finance and Insurance1547001.91,005
Real Estate and Rental and Leasing1344141.1770
Professional, Scientific & Technical Svc2869592.61,003
Management of Companies and Enterprises15700.21,059
Admin., Support, Waste Mgmt, Remediation1972,2136553
Education Services261330.4707
Health Care and Social Assistance2782,8477.8806
Arts, Entertainment, and Recreation621,3413.7499
Accommodation and Food Services2787,34320374
Other Services (except Public Admin.)2251,0963614
Federal Government481,7244.71,643
State Government341,4894.1652
Local Government75,17614.1978
Source: Georgia Department of Labor, 2nd Quarter 2015

Why are wages so high for Federal Government?

The Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC) is located in Glynn County. Around 90 different Federal law enforcement agencies come to Brunswick and Glynn County for their training. The instructors at FLETC are among the best in their industry and are some of the top wage earners in the area.

Why are employment levels so high for Local Government?

The figures for Local Government include everyone that is employed by the County, which includes the Glynn County School System.


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