The Golden Isles Development Authority presents LobePro, Inc. with a property deed for the facility at Brunswick-McBride Industrial Park.

It’s been over fifteen years since Lobe Pro, Inc. agreed to grow their business at Brunswick-McBride Industrial Park. During that time, Lobe Pro, Inc. has added new product lines produced in the Golden Isles, hired locally, and exported globally.

Organizations like LobePro, Inc. play an important role in our business ecosystem; thus, the Golden Isles Development Authority (GIDA) is committed to supporting our existing industries well beyond their ribbon cutting. Our business retention and expansion programs are tailored to meet the unique needs of our coastal sectors.

On-going initiatives have been designed with feedback from our existing businesses, and continue to evolve to meet a changing global economy.
GIDA events like our Manufacturer’s Roundtables allow producers to network with peers, share resources, and collaborate on regional solutions. Other programs like, Keep Glynn Running, is led by the Authority to promote career opportunities in local manufacturing.

Whether a business is attracted to the Golden Isles or grown here locally, our resources are created to remove barriers and support growth. Today’s presentation to LobePro with the completion of their lease-to-purchase agreement is an example of the long-term commitment we make to our business customers. We will be there well beyond the ribbon-cutting.

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LobePro’s facility when they moved into Brunswick-McBride Industrial Park, 2005

Lobe Pro Production Facility

LobePro’s current facility supports its increased product lines and distribution.

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The Golden Isles Development Authority presents LobePro, Inc. with a property deed for the facility at Brunswick-McBride Industrial Park.

Glynn County, GA June 2, 2020— The Golden Isles Development Authority presented LobePro, Inc. with the deed to their property after successful completion of the lease-to-purchase agreement at their June 2, 2020 board meeting.

The Development Authority executed a lease-to-purchase agreement with LobePro in 2005 to support the expansion of their manufacturing to Brunswick. The facility is located in the Brunswick-McBride Industrial Park on Sidney Lanier Drive.

Made in Brunswick, GA

Diane H. Brock, President of LobePro, Inc. and a Brunswick native, looked back on the organization’s growth since Bill Blodgett, Chairman/Owner of LobePro, decided to relocate the company operations to the Golden Isles. “When I started as a Controller for LobePro in 2013, I was impressed with the location, the facility’s potential, and the great team that works every day to make LobePro a success. Since that time, we have made many upgrades to improve not only the facility itself but also our manufacturing capabilities and product quality.”

LobePro uses the facility as its headquarters in the production of 13 different models of positive displacement rotary lobe pumps. These pumps are available in three series which can handle a range of applications. While any variety of a LobePro pump can easily handle water, they are ideal for pumping sludge, slurries, and mud. All of LobePro’s pumps are manufactured in Brunswick, Georgia, and are used in municipal and industrial facilities worldwide. Ms. Brock shared a photo of their pumps being used overseas with LobePro’s “Made in the USA” sticker and Brunswick, Georgia address on the equipment.

As chairman of Golden Isles Development Authority Board, Wayne Johnson participated in the celebration for LobePro, “The Authority is proud to see manufacturing facilities like LobePro thrive in the Golden Isles. Their global success is a great example of the opportunities that manufacturing firms have in our community.”

Manufacturing is a well-established industry cluster in the Golden Isles with room to grow. The Development Authority has specific programs designed to support existing manufacturers while working to attract new manufacturing companies to their established industrial parks and the site-ready properties at Gateways and Tradewinds.

“We are excited for LobePro’s continued growth in the Golden Isles, and will continue to support them as an important member of our manufacturing community.” Sherri Pruitt, Existing Industry Coordinator, Golden Isles Development Authority.

About LobePro, Inc.

LobePro’s history really begins in 1978 when Holland Pump Manufacturing (HPM) started building pumps in Florida. In 2005, HPM opened a large new plant located in the Brunswick-McBride Industrial Park in Brunswick, Georgia and started selling the rotary lobe pumps manufactured by HPM of GA under the LobePro tradename. As LobePro grew larger, HPM of GA formed a separate subsidiary, LobePro, Inc., so that its management could focus on making the best possible rotary lobe pumps. Today, LobePro pumps service a multitude of industrial and municipal applications worldwide as the company continually strives to provide Better Pumps, Better Support!

About the Golden Isles Development Authority
The Development Authority is the organization that is tasked with the creation of jobs and investment in Glynn County through the retention, expansion, and attraction of business and industry. Their mission is to ensure that Brunswick and Glynn County has a healthy business climate that encourages the growth of existing industries and is an attractive location for prospective businesses

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