Richland Rum’s Erik Vonk On Coming to Downtown Brunswick GA

Erik Vonk, owner and founder of Richland Rum, spoke to a full-house at Tipsy McSways about his plans for expanding into Downtown Brunswick, GA and why he’s so passionate about rum.  The event was held as part of the local 1 Million Cups program.

What makes Richland Rum so special?

Richland Rum is unique for several reasons.  One of which is that Richland Rum is a “Single Estate” rum, meaning that both the process of growing the sugar cane and distilling the rum are both done at the same location or by the same producer.  They manage the entire process from start to finish.

Another unique aspect of Richland Rum is that only Georgia grown sugar can is used.  The sugar cane is grown in the northern most limit of where sugar can grow so as a result, the sugar cane tends to be more flavorful rather than just pure sugar.

Erik Vonk Richland Rum Brunswick GAA game changer for Downtown Brunswick Georgia

Richland Rum will be distilling their line of “virgin rum” in Brunswick and will be offering tours of their operations.  Small tasting will be available on the tour but if you want more, Tipsy McSway’s is just two-doors down and will be well stocked.  According to Erik, he expects the Brunswick site can easily attract 100,000+ tours a year.  That’s huge for our local ‘Main Street’ area (aka Newcastle St.).

Get involved in supporting small businesses and entrepreneurship in Glynn County

Erik’s presentation was part of the Brunswick 1 Million Cups initiative.  1 Million Cups is just a group of people that share an interest in seeing small business do well.  They get together once a month to hear presentations, share ideas and learn from one another.

1MC-Brunswick meets the first Wednesday of every month at 9 a.m. at Tipsy McSway’s, 1414 Newcastle St., Brunswick, GA. Coffee graciously provided by the Wake Up Coffee Company.