Golden Isles Development Authority approves Share the Future Grant award for International Auto Processing

 The Board of Governors approves a grant to help International Auto Processing in Glynn County, GA.

 Brunswick, GA November 5 1, 2019 The Board of Governors for the Golden Isles Development Authority approved a grant today for International Auto Processing (IAP) as part of the Authority’s Share the Future Initiative.

Jack Kilgore, Vice Chairman for Golden Isles Development Authority Board, is excited for the opportunity that this provides growing firms, “Logistics and distribution is a key industry for the Golden Isles, and it is important that the Authority identifies solutions to help support their continued growth in the Golden Isles. The Share the Future Initiative is one way we can help.”

The Share the Future Initiative was developed to give local area business access to capital to help grow and promote their business. Share the Future Grants are available for companies that are incorporated in Glynn County. Grant applications are reviewed by the staff of the Authority to ensure all requirements are met, and then a recommendation is made to the Board of Governors for approval.

Grants are available to support businesses that are investing in placemaking, innovating (equipment or technology), or storytelling.

Ryan Moore, President, and CEO of the Golden Isles Development Authority expressed his gratitude for International Auto Processing’s contributions to the region, “IAP has a great impact on the Port of Brunswick. Their service helps support major brands that choose our Port, such as Kia Motors, Mercedes-Benz, and BMW.”

The approved grant today includes up to $10,000 for IAP to purchase new equipment. The grant will help the company with its investment of $220,000 for an automated car washing facility. According to IAP, this will enable them to double their processing capacity at the Port from 150-400 vehicles per day; thus, requiring additional employees to support the increased processing.

IAP brought vehicle processing to Colonel’s Island, Brunswick, Georgia, in 1986. Since then, IAP has processed over 6.3 million vehicles. IAP has also handled over 1.7 million at other locations. Last year IAP received over 400,000 units, which represents about two-thirds of the vehicles going through Port of Brunswick.

Additional information on the Share the Future Grant is at


About the Golden Isles Development Authority

The Development Authority is the organization that is tasked with the creation of jobs and investment in Glynn County through the retention, expansion, and attraction of business and industry. Their mission is to ensure that Brunswick and Glynn County has a strong business climate that encourages the growth of existing industries and is an attractive location for prospective businesses.

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