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Metals and Machinery Manufacturing

Factory MachineAdvanced manufacturing in Glynn County Georgia is well established and an integral part of the local economy.

Manufacturing companies in Georgia can lower their costs, take leaps in innovation and secure their business advantage with Georgia’s advanced transportation and logistics network. And by using Quick Start, the nation’s #1 workforce training program, manufacturing companies get cost-free training whenever and wherever they want—in classrooms, in mobile labs, or right in their manufacturing facility.

With an average manufacturing wage well below the national average, and a “Single Factor Gross Receipts” apportionment formula that treats a manufacturing company’s gross receipts—or sales in Georgia—as the only relevant factor in determining the company’s income subject to tax, manufacturing companies are able to control costs and reduce their tax burden. Plus, the Georgia Department of Economic Development’s extensive market knowledge and supplier connections help manufacturing companies streamline their processes, maximize productivity and accelerate revenue growth.

Manufacturing in Georgia has several benfits

  • Maintain competitive edge with Georgia’s power costs, which are well below the national average
  • Transport products or equipment quickly and efficiently via a super cargo-transportation network of 4,700 miles of railway, 118,777 miles of public highways, and two deep-water sea ports in Savannah and Brunswick
  • Reach 80 percent of the U.S. market within a two-day truck haul or two-hour flight from the world’s busiest, most efficient airport –  Hartsfield – Jackson Atlanta International Airport
  • Receive customized manufacturing assistance in areas such as value stream mapping and equipment maintenance and safety
  • Develop new business in the U.S. with the help of research and data experts in Georgia’s Department of Economic Development
  • Open doors around the world via our 10 international offices that service programs to help you penetrate global markets
  • Drive innovations into the marketplace faster in collaboration with the Center of Innovation for Manufacturing, which has an R&D-friendly manufacturing training center for prototyping and testing manufacturing ideas, products and processes
  • Take advantage of the Lean Six Sigma Certification program through the Technical College System of Georgia