Meet Your Future Team in the Golden Isles

The US has possessed a near 4% unemployment rate for the past three years, creating a need for companies to develop a culture and environment that can attract and retain talent in a competitive market. 

The Golden Isles of Georgia provide a quality of life that is unparalleled for today’s workforce. A variety of housing options, walkable communities, and low cost of living are features of the Golden Isles. Oh yeah, and we’re surrounded by Instagram-worthy beaches, excellent schools, historic charm, and limitless outdoor adventures. 

In addition to an ideal backdrop to build a business or career, strengthening the connectivity between emerging talent and industry is a priority in the Golden Isles.

There are many partners and initiatives in the region to support our business community in identifying and building, the talent that they need to succeed. One of these partners includes the Golden Isles Career Academy

The Golden Isles Career Academy (GICA) was created to build a partnership between the Glynn County School System and the regional business communities. GICA graduates provide a viable skilled workforce to businesses in a variety of professional disciplines.

GICA is not a vocational school, although they provide hands-on career-driven learning through the Career Pathways Programs which offer learning tracks to 18 distinctive career curriculums. Many of the college preparatory focus through the Dual Enrollment Program, where students can earn college credits.

Twice a year, GICA invites businesses to showcase what makes them unique. Employers participating in their October or February Safety & Career Fair can advertise open positions, provide demonstrations, or share general information on their organization.

Register your business today for one, or both at,

The team at Brunswick & Glynn County Development Authority are here to provide you with the information and resources to make locating and thriving on the coast a reality. Connect with us today to stay informed on additional workforce programs and opportunities to support your businesses growth. 

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