Great things made here: Odin Lumber Company is the latest Share the Future recipient

Project Summary

Odin Lumber Company is a family-owned manufacturer of Wood Baseball Bats driven by a passion for baseball and woodworking; a simple vision with big dreams: A company built from unconditional love for the game of baseball and woodworking together. Odin Lumber Company was spun in January 2020 in a cramped two-car garage down in the heart of South Georgia. At Odin Lumber Company, they truly believe that the bat you choose to swing should be constructed to meet customers’ expectations in every way. The family prides itself on bringing to customers, an elite, durable and professional product at every level of play that baseball has to offer.

Since its launch, Odin Lumber has been strategic in managing the growth of its Brunswick-based startup. After almost two years of careful planning, the manufacturing facility felt ready to pursue more sales. In preparation for increasing their marketing and outreach efforts, the organization assessed the production facility. To meet increased demand, they would be required to reduce the time necessary to produce their durable, quality baseball bats.

More than a year after first meeting the Golden Isles Development Team (GIDA), Odin was ready to review their qualifications for local incentives that could help solve their efficiency hurdle. After learning more about the specific needs, GIDA encouraged Odin to request funding from the Share the Future- Innovating program. Available to product-based businesses in Glynn County, the innovating program helps small businesses purchase equipment or software that increases efficiency or productivity of the business, and results in the creation of new jobs.

On February 2, 2020, Odin Lumber presented their project and request to GIDA’s Board of Governors. The Board approved the request for several pieces of equipment directly involved in the production of their baseball bats. The team at Odin estimates that this will reduce their production time down to 2-4 minutes to turn a wooden bat. The increased efficiency is giving Odin confidence as they implement their growth strategy over the next year.

“The ‘Share the Future Fund’ funds provided to OLC are greatly appreciated and humbly accepted. We look first to purchase additional machinery/tools from local vendors. Harris Ace Hardware of Brunswick has been great in assisting Odin with selecting the appropriate air compressor and accessories for making a safe warehouse environment when operating the lathe, paint spray booth, and various air-powered tools. In addition to the air compressor items, Odin will work with Harris Ace Hardware in purchasing accessory items for the dust collection system, again, making for a healthy work environment. A third item that will be purchased is a rotary saw component to replace the existing knife bit on our CNC lathe. Unfortunately, this tool is unique and custom, we cannot utilize local merchants. Although, it opens a door for building a relationship with local vendor Sea Island Forge for saw blade replacements and routing bit forging. The combination of all the above will significantly improve personal and product productivity.” ~Tim Meredith Sr., Odin Lumber Company

If your business is preparing to expand in the Golden Isles, GIDA’s Business Retention and Expansion Coordinator, Sherri Pruitt, is available to help you connect to resources and tools that support your growth. Start the conversation today by sending a note to Sherri at or calling 912-223-3464.

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