Brunswick and Glynn County – Georgia’s Golden Opportunity

Business Retention and Expansion Program

Brunswick and Glynn County offer a great business climate and our goal is to ensure your business is given every opportunity to grow and succeed in the Golden Isles.

As one of Brunswick and Glynn County’s Existing Industries, you are entitled to first-class service from the County.  Existing Industries also have exclusive access to several Local and State resources, grants, and incentives to help your business grow.

Contact us if your business:

  • has plans for expansion
  • is purchasing new equipment or hiring new people
  • needs help with utilities or County services
  • is facing challenges or threats to continued growth

Ongoing Initiatives

We know your time is extremely valuable so we don’t want to add to your to-do list.  We only have a few ongoing initiatives so you can stay focused on growing your business.

Manufacturers Roundtable – Once per quarter, the area’s industry leaders get together for lunch to discuss relevant topics or hear a speaker.  This is primarily an opportunity for the industrial community to get together on a regular basis and network.  The event is open only to industry leaders, their reps, and resource partners.

Student Industry Tours – This is an easy opportunity for companies to engage with the community and to help develop the local workforce by showing students what modern manufacturing is really like.  For companies that are interested, we can arrange tours with the Golden Isles Career Academy, College of Coastal Georgia, Coastal Pines Technical College, or local schools.

Industry Appreciation Tours – Interested companies have the opportunity to host elected officials, business leaders, and community leaders for a quick tour of their company.  These tours provide an opportunity to interact with local leadership and show how much the industrial community contributes to the local economy.

Resource Directory

Feel free to reach out to any of the service providers below or contact the Development Authority to help you determine what is available.

Brunswick and Glynn County Development Authority

John Scott, 912.230.6429,

  • Connections with resource providers
  • Local incentives
  • Local connection with Government
  • Regular industry visits
  • Problem solving
  • Networking opportunities for industry and community leaders
  • Demographic and market research

Georgia Department of Economic Development

Alyce Thornhill, 912.882.3659,

  • Incentives and Tax Credits for new and existing companies
  • International business connections and export assistance
  • Market and data research and supplier matching
  • Access to capital and State grants

Brunswick – Golden Isles Chamber of Commerce

Woody Woodside, 912.265.0620,

  • Connect with the community
  • Business issues advocate

Georgia Quick Start

Jan Melcher, 404.804.4872,

  • Comprehensive custom training materials and instruction for new or expanding companies
  • Targeted training for new technology for existing companies

Georgia Department of Labor

Faith Copeland-Pittman,

  • Application screening
  • Job fairs
  • Federal worker grants
  • Wage and labor market information
  • Job listings

Georgia Power Company

Jason Coley, 912.230.6602,

  • Energy Audits
  • Technology applications center
  • Extensive research data
  • Georgia Power Resource Center


If you have plans to expand or grow your business, call the Development Authority first! There may be tax credits, grants, financing assistance, or numerous other resources available.

The majority of the time, these resources are no longer available after you start or complete your project!

Georgia’s Centers of Innovation – Aerospace, Manufacturing, Logistics

  • Focused, deep technical industry expertise
  • Identifying new markets and business opportunities
  • New product commercialization and development assistance
  • Access to ground breaking research and collaborations
  • Business, academic and government partnerships

Coastal Pines Technical College

Dr. Pete Snell, 912.287.5858,

  • College credit and certificate programs
  • Customized training programs
  • Retraining tax credits
  • Professional continuing education
  • Facility rentals

College of Coastal Georgia

Dr. William “Skip” Mounts, 912.279.5851,

  • Interns available
  • Accredited degree programs
  • Job fairs

Georgia Tech Enterprise Innovation Institute

Ben Cheeks, 912.571.1902,

  • Strategic business development
  • Lean / process improvement services
  • Quality management services
  • Product development
  • Professional level continuing education

University of Georgia Small Business Development Center

David Lewis, 912.264.7343,

  • Free one-on-one confidential business consulting for existing businesses and aspiring entrepreneurs
  • Low cost training and continuing education programs
  • Identify sources of capital
  • Market research and strategy