Business Incentives in Brunswick and Glynn County Georgia

In addition to having a great business climate, Brunswick and Glynn County also offer several local incentive programs to targeted industries.  Aerospace, manufacturing, and logistics companies are eligible for the local incentives, grants, and tax abatement programs outlined below.  In addition to the competitive local incentives and tax abatements, new and expanding companies are also eligible for what is offered by the State of Georgia.

Property Tax Abatements

Companies who plan to purchase real property may be eligible for reductions in property taxes for a set period of time.  We have several tax abatement schedules available to best suit your needs.

Share the Future Fund

New aerospace, manufacturing or distribution businesses locating in Glynn County and creating a minimum of 15 jobs may be eligible for discretionary funds that can be used to assist with payment of local site development permit fees or other expenses as approved by the Brunswick & Glynn County Development Authority.

Revolving Loan Fund

New or existing Glynn County Businesses creating jobs for low-moderate income individuals may be eligible. Funds may be used to purchase machinery/equipment or real estate. Up to $20,000 for each new job created may be awarded, with an award maximum of $100,000 are per eligible project.

Foreign Trade Zone Designation

Several existing industries in Brunswick and Glynn County enjoy the benefits of a Foreign Trade Zone.  The Brunswick and Glynn County Development Authority is one of three Foreign Trade Zone Administrators in Georgia and we can help you get started.  Foreign Trade Zones are a huge benefit for companies that import and export.

Expedited Permitting

The permitting process in Glynn County is already extremely efficient but we have systems in place to accommodate businesses locating in Glynn County.

Brunswick Golden Isles Chamber of Commerce Membership

Brunswick Golden Isles Chamber of CommercePart of running a successful business is being engaged in the local community.  The Brunswick Golden Isles Chamber of Commerce is the best way to get plugged into the area.  We provide the first year membership for qualified companies that locate in the area.

Georgia Tax Credits and Incentives

Georgia Business Tax CreditsThe Georgia Department of Economic Development (GDEcD) does a tremendous job attracting businesses to Georgia.  Several organizations that report on economic development and the site selection industry consistently rank Georgia as the “Number 1 State for Business.”

Companies that are new to Glynn County will benefit from the Jobs Tax Credit.  Existing industries have access to the Investment Tax Credit, Research and Development Tax Credit, Port Tax Credit, and Retraining Tax Credit.  New and expanding companies will both benefit by taking advantage of the sales and use tax exemptions, Georgia Department of Labor programs, and custom training from Quick Start.

Glynn County is designated as a Tier 3 County.  To learn more about what the tax credits and incentives offered by Georgia, visit

Jobs Tax Credit

New businesses locating in Glynn County are eligible for up to $1,750 tax credits per job created.

Georgia Investment Tax Credit

Existing Georgia companies that have operated a manufacturing or telecommunications facility or manufacturing or telecommunications support facility in Georgia for at least three years, and that make a minimum $50,000 additional qualified capital investment in a new or existing manufacturing or telecommunications facility may claim from one to five percent (depending on tier status) of the new investment as a tax credit. Qualified investment expenses include, but are not limited to, amounts expended on land acquisition, improvements, buildings, building improvements, and machinery and equipment to be used in the manufacturing or telecommunications facility. Higher credits (three to eight percent, depending on tier status) are available for investments in recycling or pollution control equipment and for defense plant manufacturing conversion to a new product.

Glynn County is a Tier 3 community; this means the credit value would be 1% – 3% of the total investment, with a minimum investment of $50,000. This credit is used to offset 50% of the state tax liability and can be carried forward for 10 years.

Port Tax Credit

The Port Tax Credit Bonus is available to taxpayers who qualify for the Jobs Tax Credit or the Investment Tax Credit, and increase imports or exports through a Georgia port by 10 percent over the previous or base year Port Tax Credit Bonus for INVESTMENT Tax Credit This “port bonus” increases the Investment Tax Credit to the equivalent of a Tier 1 location regardless of the tier level. The port bonus would therefore be equal to five percent of the qualified investment in expenses directly related to manufacturing or providing telecommunication services with the credit increasing to eight percent for recycling, pollution control and defense conversion.

Research and Development Tax Credit

Georgia offers an incentive to new and existing business entities performing qualified research and development in Georgia. Companies may claim a 10 percent tax credit of increased R&D expenses subject to a base amount calculation.

Retraining Tax Credit

A company’s direct investment in training can be claimed as a tax credit, up to 50 percent of the employer’s direct cost up to $500 per approved training program. The total amount of credit cannot exceed $1,250 per employee per year.  Training programs must be approved by the Technical College System of Georgia. This tax credit can be used to offset up to 50 percent of a company’s state income tax liability. The credit is available to all Georgia businesses that file a Georgia income tax return. The retraining program must be for quality and productivity enhancements and certain software technologies. Unused credits can be carried forward 10 years. These credits can be combined with other tax credits.

Sales and Use Tax Exemption for Machinery and Equipment

Georgia allows manufacturers and distribution centers sales tax exemption on the acquisition of equipment that is integral to the manufacturing process as well as primary material handling equipment. In most counties in Georgia, this incentive offers a savings of 7% of the purchase price of manufacturing, material handling, and pollution control equipment. As of January of 2013, the sales tax on energy for manufacturers is being phased out and will completely exempt in 2016. 

Department of Labor

The Georgia Department of Labor (GDoL) provides free pre-employment services for new and expanding businesses. The GDoL will market open job positions, accept applications, pre-screen applications and provide temporary space for interviews.

Expedited Environmental Permitting

The Georgia Environmental Protection Division (GEPD) is a great partner in economic development. If environmental permitting is required, the Georgia Department of Economic Development will schedule a meeting with the GEPD and help you navigate and expedite the permitting process.

Georgia’s Quick Start Training Incentive

Workforce training in Georgia is provided through several initiatives, but the state’s signature program is Georgia Quick Start.  Quick Start is a free program customized for companies in numerous industries.  Quick Start has updated the skill sets of nearly 1 million employees at 6,200 companies.

Quick Start helps companies maintain a competitive advantage by preparing workers for skill sets needed tomorrow as well as today.

  • A Quick Start training regimen is shaped specifically for the skills that a company is looking to develop in its employees
  • Training is conducted in classrooms, mobile labs or onsite at the company
  • Quick Start is provided at no charge by the Technical College System of Georgia
  • The program is versatile: Quick Start has prepared workers to assemble intricate aircraft components, grow bacteria for vaccines, manufacture plastic and metal products and field inquiries from customers, by phone or online

Quick Start

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