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Relocating to a place you love is not a new phenomenon, but advances in technology have made it easier to bring your job or create one in the area you want to live. Creating that opportunity may come in the form of consulting work or starting a new business. While the safety net of a traditional employer is not for everyone, a McKinsey Global Institute found that free agents reported higher levels of satisfaction in multiple dimensions of their work lives than those holding traditional jobs by choice.

When we posted our first personal story about relocating to the Golden Isles, it was incredible to be contacted almost instantly by other professionals who have transplanted themselves recently or many years ago. Every person we have spoken with thus far has been enthusiastic in their desire to share their experience.

As more professionals can work remotely or seek to create a new future, we want to share the experiences and stories of our residents who may have a similar background.

When we caught up with Katherine Morse we learned about much more than her reason to stay here. In addition to a note page filled with new places to visit locally, Katherine generously shared her journey as a new entrepreneur in the Golden Isles.

Katherine Morse moved to the Golden Isles from Northern Virginia nearly twenty years ago. The rich history and culture of the Southern Coast were a draw for Katherine because of her education and experience in anthropology. At the same time, the natural beauty of the region inspired her photography and artistic pursuits. After nearly two decades working in creative positions, Katherine formed Vixen Creative Marketing, L.L.C., to help small businesses grow their social community and retain customers.

What experiences did you draw from to decide to launch Vixen Creative Marketing Group?

While visiting with my parent, my father and I discussed what a career counselor had suggested about opening up my own business, combining my background knowledge, previous work experiences, the creativity from art and photography, and do marketing. So, on April 3, 2019, I filed to open Vixen Creative Marketing, L.L.C. because I was working on an M.S. in marketing with a concentration in digital marketing with a heavier focus on social media marketing and it would allow me to help small to medium locally-owned businesses build relationships through online communities that retain customers and gain new ones.

Your office is currently located in the Wick in historic Brunswick. In what ways do you think being in a shared office environment helped your business in the beginning?

Having a shared office allowed for some savings and a chance to grow the network beyond LinkedIn, Alignable, and other social media networks. It has also given me a space to meet with potential clients that offer parking and security and allow for the current pandemic need for social distancing.

Are there other resources in our region that you used to launch Vixen?

Launching Vixen Creative Marketing, L.L.C. began the same night I founded it, with social media accounts that included Facebook, Instagram, and

Twitter. The logo was designed in April by me, and I then had business cards made. The rest was sending out emails to all the contacts I had gathered with business cards or networking in person. Launching a business had its challenges because the Golden Isles is a small community compared to other regions in the state, and there is lots of competition.

Wow, you got right to work! At Vixen, you help businesses tell their story as a way to attract customers and build loyalty. During our first conversation, you shared with me some fantastic historical information about the area. From your local clients, what are some cool things that residents or visitors may not already know?

There is a lot of history of the Golden Isles. The Native Americans hunted and gathered, especially on Jekyll Island, where there is a little bit of archaeological evidence. The Timucuans, which were known to live in the area of North Jacksonville, FL, hunted on Jekyll all the way to Charleston’s parts, depending on the text you read. My guess is that a lot of those in Brunswick, GA started from servants brought to Jekyll Island Club that could not afford to travel back to the North and stayed. African American history of the Dolphin Hotel, now torn down with the legendary blues and jazz singers playing there, goes beyond the stories of Ebo Landing. This area is rich in history and stories, and knowing how to tell the story is vital in branding.

Right now, many professionals may be looking to make a change in where they live or what they do. What advice would you give someone considering creating their own job/company to live in their dream town?

COVID-19 brought the world almost to a halt, and adapting to work-from-home has opened up a way for companies to allow their employees to work using technologies like FaceTime, Zoom, and Google Classroom, Skype, and productivity in many cases increased. The idea that you can work from anywhere is not new but has allowed for a more nomadic lifestyle, which many of the Millennials had already been doing before the pandemic. If you want to enjoy the waves crashing or sitting by the docks to watch the boats, the Golden Isles offers that. The Wick offers those who do not want a home office the space to rent that has fewer distractions when needed. The idea that you can work from sitting outside at Daddy Cates to larger coffee chains to sitting by the fishing pier of St. Simons or the one on Jekyll to work allows from freedom and less stress because you are not stuck in city traffic or working late and missing time with family.

Thank you, Katherine, for taking some time to share your story! If our audience wants to learn more about what is the best way to connect with you?

My pleasure! Feel free to direct folks to my website or to connect with me on LinkedIn.


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