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Bringing your own job to the Golden Isles is possible. When the Golden Isles Development Authority (GIDA) shared their first BYOJob story, we received numerous recommendations to contact professionals who have successfully brought or built their careers here. While many discovered our community on vacation, each person’s story has been unique to how they made their way to call the Golden Isles home. Courtney Prince is one professional in the community with a unique connection to our Historic Downtown Brunswick.

Courtney Prince‘s family has historic ties to the Brunswick community. During World War II, nearly 16,000 workers were employed in Brunswick producing Liberty ships and “Knot” ships. One of those employees was Courtney’s grandmother. Today, Courtney is building something different for the community and bringing new life to our historic downtown through her company  1608 Liberty, LLC.

Today Courtney is a self-described Brunswick enthusiast and revivalist. She graciously provided the Golden Isles insight into her experience transitioning from the hustle of New York City to our growing Coastal community.

From 2009-2018 you were living the NYC hustle. Before moving to the Golden Isles, it looks like you had a fashion professionals dream job working production for Kate Spade sleepwear. What was the big a-ha moment that started your journey moving to the Golden Isles?

I lived in NYC for 13 years, which I consider a solid stint. But I get restless and enjoy uprooting my life for the growth that I achieve through a challenge. And I was tired of the crazy crowded subways, blizzards in springtime, and the long drives with traffic to the beach in the summer. I had returned from an extended trip to Hawaii, and on a particularly freezing cold day in the spring, I realized I was over it. I had no real plan, but I suddenly knew it was time to move. I have family in and around the Golden Isles. Location wise it checked boxes for many things that I was looking for in a home. I came for a weekend visit before making my final decision, but I went from the airport straight to downtown for a First Friday, and I was sold.

You entered the real estate profession through social impact investing in Historic Brunswick- Why did you and your family select Brunswick

I have family scattered through south GA. However, my grandmother lived on Norwich Street in a boarding house as a teen and was a burner for the Liberty Ships during WWII. There are few things or places that I have such a strong connection to, and Brunswick is one of those things. I can see what a great place it was for so many people at its peak. And I really felt that Brunswick was and is ready for a major glow up.

What types of changes have you seen over the past two years since you made a move?

Brunswick is still trying to find itself, in my opinion. But I have seen many people from all different walks starting to come together and have conversations about how we transform our community in a positive way for all of its’ residents. New shops and restaurants have opened, and some have failed and close. I think that’s OK; it’s part of the process. Regardless, the growth is there. There are enough people putting ideas and plans into action, be it businesses, non-profits, housing, and even events, that will only stand to strengthen our town. The pandemic is making us even more thoughtful in our growth and forcing us all to fight a little harder. But I haven’t seen anyone give up, nor do I think I will.

How do you think your experience working for a fashion empire has helped you jump right into the local real estate community?

Production management, which is what I did in my fashion career, is all about creation, time management, working with people, and execution. Real estate development is a very different field but the same basic game. I have to juggle all of those pieces to make the product I’m after. It is a lot more personal now, and instead of having just my company to work with, I now have a whole community of people, so in that sense it’s easier. Plus, in fashion, you’re competing against so many other popular brands. In real estate (at this level, at least), we are all working toward the same outcome, which is a thriving Brunswick.

Have there been any individuals or organizations that you have found influential in your professional success in the Golden Isles?

The Brunswick and Golden Isles Chamber of Commerce and a lot of its members have been amazingly helpful and supportive. But honestly, the community as a whole has been really great. Everyone seems to know a new connection and is happy to put me in touch. It has been refreshing to feel so supported, especially as an outsider.

For many, the best part of moving to a place like the Golden Isles is the work-life balance it affords. When you’re not at your office at 1608 Liberty, where have you found your tribe?

When I first moved here, I started three things. I signed up for the Chamber of Commerce Leadership Glynn, which taught me so much about the Golden Isles. It was amazing. I joined the Golden Isles Junior League to meet all of these incredible women who volunteer their time supporting the Golden Isles. And I started working out at OmCore, which is the happiest and most fun group of fitness crazies I’ve encountered.

What advice would you give other young professionals thinking about making a move from a large metro to a coastal community

I would suggest you assess your priorities in life and focus on what’s at the top. For me, the beach, natural beauty, less stress, less traffic, and not needing to fight for a spot at my favorite bar became the things I wanted for myself. The things that I miss from a large metro are an hour away, which by the way was how long my commute was in NYC. So think about what you want immediate access to. And if picnics with cocktails on the beach at sunset are your thing, then come on.

Since you did live and work in NYC, I have to ask- where do you get the best slice of pizza in the Golden Isles?

I feel like everyone already knows this answer, but it’s Sal’s pizza. If NY pizza is the goal, then you get a guy from NY to make it ▪️

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