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Many residents in the Golden Isles first discovered the region when traveling for vacation. Adam Casgar is not one of those.

Adam is originally from the Green Bay area. He grew up in the DC Metro area and lived in Frederick, MD, for 11 years before moving to Chambersburg, PA. After three years in PA, Adam knew he wanted to raise a family in a different type of community. Instead of thinking upon the places, he had visited or previously lived, he did some pretty serious research.

Nearly thirteen years ago Adam started to call the Golden Isles home for his family, and his then-new business, Coastal Computer Consulting, LLC.

You didn’t just happen upon the Golden Isles, but rather did some pretty serious research. Can you share how you came to find the Golden Isles?

When searching for a place to relocate to, I used a fantastic website called, which sadly shut down four years ago. The site had you fill out a comprehensive quiz asking questions such as schools, geographical, crime rates, etc. As a single father, I wanted the area I chose to have low crime rates and top-rated schools. When I moved to the Golden Isles, 3 of the top 10 elementary schools were in the Golden Isles. The crime rate was low, and I wanted to be near water and in a warmer climate. had me looking at Texas, middle GA, South Carolina, and the Golden Isles. The Golden Isles checked every box that I was looking for as a single parent, making my decision to move here easy.

We know that living near the water was important in the decision-making process. Where else did you consider?

I visited Hilton Head Island, Padre Island, Corpus Christi, Athens, GA, Charleston, SC, and Augusta, GA.

You still have strong ties in Maryland and Northern Virginia- do you find it easy to travel there from here

Flying in and out of the Golden Isle is relatively easy. I have quickly flown to New York, DC, Philadelphia, Nevada, and Arizona several times. Savannah and Jacksonville airports are excellent for direct flights, but Savannah is ultimately my favorite out of the two and often is the same price as the JAX airport.

BQK is an ideal airport if you need a connecting airport; it is easy to get to, no wait, and a quick flight to ATL. The convenience of not paying to park and not having to drive an hour back from the airport, especially when coming in late or leaving early, is worth the extra money saved in parking fees.

Aerospace industry in georgia

Now I know you don’t miss the DMV traffic- how does your commute compare, and how has that impacted your day-to-day?

I would tell anyone moving from a big city like Atlanta, DC, etc., the commute here is incredibly easy. When I worked in DC, everyday rush hour commutes would take 1.5-2 hours each direction, and here you can be just about anywhere you need to be in 30 minutes, which is a speed limit issue, not traffic. The DMV here is nothing like MD/DC, which was a full day experience, and here you are out relatively quickly.

At GIDA we just kicked off this ambassador program, but you have been recruiting new talent to relocate here for years! Can you tell us about the team members who came down to the Golden Isles and where they are

Coastal Computer Consulting, LLC employs seven other employees and me, seven of which are not originally from The Golden Isles.

Dave found Coastal Computer Consulting, LLC, through our ad on the Chamber’s website and moved to the Golden Isles from Illinois a little over six years ago.

Jay moved to the Golden Isles 1994 after graduation of technical school to work for another IT company and has been with Coastal Computer Consulting, LLC, since 2017.

Laura is originally from Pennsylvania. In 2012 she vacationed here and instantly fell in love. Laura went home knowing she wanted to live in the area where she could walk outside every day and feel like she was on vacation. In February 2013, Laura moved to Brunswick and has worked for Coastal Computer Consulting, LLC, since 2018.

Micayla, originally from Blairsville GA, moved to Nashville in 2016 before she and her husband decided they wanted to live on the Coast and decided on the Golden Isles in 2018. She has worked for Coastal Computer Consulting since 2019.

Jodi, originally from Ohio, vacationed in Tybee Island in June of 2012. She and her husband did not want to live in Savannah but knew they wanted to be near the water, so they moved to Brunswick in 2013.

If you had to guess- what is one factor that you think helped you hire from outside of the area and get folks to move here?

I believe the most significant factors that attract people to the area is a slower pace, less stress, more family orientated, and the beautiful surrounding islands.

Jekyll Island Club Hotel at the Shrimp and Grits Festival. Join Us! (PRNewsFoto/Jekyll Island Club Hotel)

You had listed being close to the water as important to your move, what are some of your favorite ways to take advantage of living on the Coast?

We have enjoyed walking down in the village on Saint Simon’s, the waterfront summer music series, visiting the beach, boating, Jekyll Island’s Wharf, Blessing of the Fleet, Shrimp and Grits Festival, Summer Waves, and biking on Jekyll Island. The area allowed my son to grow up as I did, being mainly outdoors, riding his bike to friends’ houses, and not worrying about crime/safety that families in big cities often have to deal with. It was a blessing to be in an area with so much to do on and around the water, allowing children to grow up not living on electronics ▪️


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