Aviation is about more than flying in the Golden Isles.

4th Annual Aviation Career Day aims to help students explore the vast opportunities in the aviation and aerospace industries.

Careers in the aerospace and aviation sector of the Golden Isles vary greatly and offer students, and career professionals, a variety of options to explore. The Annual Aviation Career Day hosted by the Glynn County Airport Commission provides a platform to discover the organizations that employ professionals in this sector. Additionally, attendees can learn about the training and education programs that support entering this field.

Often students are surprised to learn about the wide range of skills and professions that support this industry. For example, the successful operation of our airports requires everyone from pilots, maintenance teams, to finance professionals.

Our team recently met with the E. Leigh Newton, Airport Property Coordinator, Glynn County Airport Commission, to discuss Aviation Career Day, and learn more about her experience working in the aviation sector of the Golden Isles.

Glynn County Airport Commission

GIDA: What exactly does your role involve at the Airport Property Coordinator?

Newton: I’m responsible for and involved daily in numerous aspects of airport property management and operations for both Glynn County’s airports, Brunswick Golden Isles Airport (BQK) our commercial air carrier service airport and St. Simons Island Airport (SSI) which is our general aviation and destination airport.

Both these airport properties have lands designated aeronautical and non-aeronautical that can be subleased for commercial and/or industrial development which fund the operations and maintenance.  I assist with the execution, maintenance and issuance of those airport property subleases, land-use agreements and parking permits.

GIDA: Generally speaking, what are you looking at when working on a lease to one of the airports?

Newton: In relation to property development on and off the airport property, I work closely with Federal, State, Glynn County Staff and private property owners to ensure the viability of both airports is maintained for all by monitoring and identifying airspace obstructions and mitigating possible impacts to our airport’s standard flight procedures.  Our staff also works closely with our tenants and surrounding landowners to promote a positive experience for the community.

GIDA : Are there any responsibilities outside of the subleasing that you support?

Newton: I manage our In-Terminal Advertising program at BQK and coordinate marketing events with the Brunswick-Golden Isles Chamber of Commerce and the Golden Isles Convention and Visitors Bureau which provides me knowledge of our local businesses, economic impacts and networking opportunities with other business professionals in Glynn County.

The Delta Connection in the Golden Isles

“My job and career path with the Glynn County Airport Commission is exciting and rewarding because, not only are planes and aviation intriguing, but the industry encompasses many aspects of different business in the Golden Isles and globally.”

GIDA: What attracted you to working in aviation?

Newton: My job and career path with the Glynn County Airport Commission is exciting and rewarding because, not only are planes and aviation intriguing, but the industry encompasses many aspects of different business in the Golden Isles and globally.  The management team that I work with is made of truly amazing and dedicated individuals which inspire me daily.  My new mantra is “Airport Life”.

GIDA: Is there any experiences or credentials that you had before this role that are helping you succeed today?

Newton: Prior to my position with the Airport Commission, I worked 10 years as a GIS Analyst III with the Glynn County IT Department GIS Division creating maps, analyzing data, coordinating E-911 Addressing in cooperation with the Community Development Planning and Zoning Department. This provided me strong knowledge Glynn County ordinances and regulations that I still use today. Additionally, having relationships with our County staff is essential when supporting a new business, or expansion of one of our tenants.

GIDA: Do you have any advice attendees at this year’s Aviation Career Day?

Newton: Don’t limit yourself! Aviation and aerospace are constantly evolving industries. I recommend asking how the skills, or interests you have today, can fit into careers at our exhibiting companies. My degree is in Wildlife Management, but the experience and knowledge I gained throughout my professional career has led me to where I am today.

Aviation Career Day is taking place on March 7 at the Museum Hanger at St. Simons Airport, 1759 Demere Road, St. Simons.

There is no cost to attend, but students and families are encouraged to register before the event at  http://bit.ly/3bmX4XZ .

Exhibitors will be accepted until Thursday, March 5. To sign up visit http://bit.ly/3c84S0u.For additional questions, you can contact Leigh Newton at the GC Airport Commission at lnewton@flygcairports.com.

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