About Sherri Pruitt

Sherri is the Administrative Assistant at the Development Authority and is in charge assisting with the existing industries and companies/prospects who are locating in the Golden Isles. Sherri Pruitt is a tremendous asset to the Development Authority and started in the administrative and coordinator field over 20 years ago in Atlanta, Ga.

The Golden Isles Development Authority presents LobePro, Inc. with a property deed for the facility at Brunswick-McBride Industrial Park.

The Golden Isles Development Authority presents LobePro, Inc. with a property deed for the facility at Brunswick-McBride Industrial Park.

It’s been over fifteen years since Lobe Pro, Inc. agreed to grow their business at Brunswick-McBride Industrial Park. During that time, Lobe Pro, Inc. has added new product lines produced in the Golden Isles, hired locally, and […]

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Moving Forward Together.

Moving Forward Together.

Your business didn’t stop, but it probably changed. Starting in March, many states adopted shelter-in-place orders to slow the spread of COVID-19. These orders changed how many of our customers conducted business, so we changed too.

For the past eight weeks, the Golden Isles Development Authority team worked closely with regional and state partners […]

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You Small Business is Coastal Strong

Our Small Businesses are Coastal Strong

During this challenging time, the small businesses of the Golden Isles have been a source of inspiration and hope. Since the beginning of April, The Golden Isles Development Authority has been working with community partners to learn how the COVID-19 virus is impacting our employers- large and small. […]

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COVID-19 Business Impact Survey

The following COVID-19 Business Impact Survey  was developed by 25 volunteer economic development professionals who came together to meet the need for concrete information on the human and economic impacts being felt by companies in the communities we represent. Information gathered will help provide valuable data to decision-makers in government and leadership as it relates […]

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Golden Isles Business Helps Meet the Demand for Face Masks to Keep Glynn Running

Golden Isles Business Helps Meet the Demand for Face Masks to Keep Glynn Running

Local organizations are working together to keep manufacturing employees protected during the COVID19 pandemic.

Glynn County, GA— Local companies in Glynn County, Georgia, are working together to produce and purchase face masks to protect employees in essential business operations.

Island Drapes and Upholstery was […]

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COVID-19 Response: State & Local Updates

Local Updates in Response to COVID-19

Your business can find the information you need related to our local government agency’s responses to COVID-19  including: the latest energy orders, links to closures, and more. 

We will be using our social media channels to share resources for business owners and creative ideas that we are seeing implemented […]

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COVID-19 Response: Manufacturing Resources

Manufacturing resources during COVID-19

The manufacuturing and industrial sector is vital to Keep Glynn Running. Our team is working on identifying and sharing resources for manufacturers of all sizes during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Development Authority’s assistance was requested for two […]

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COVID-19 Response: SBA Disaster Loans

COVID-19 Response: SBA Disaster Loans

The SBA provides low-interest disaster loans to help businesses and homeowners recover from declared disasters.

The following information is designed to help businesses apply for the SBA Disaster Loan program. This includes links to the SBA portal, local support to answer your […]

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COVID-19 Response: Other Resources

Organizations across Glynn County, GA are working to help employees and families during the COVID-19 pandemic. Our team will update this list as we learn about local organizations that are providing support.

Firebox Initiative– Providing financial grants to hospitality/service industry workers in need of emergency assistance as well as scholarship opportunities.  https://ssbbqfirebox.com/ 

St. Simons Presbyterian […]

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2020 Board Meeting Schedule

The Golden Isles Development Authority Board Meetings

Come join us, the Golden Isles Development Authority, for our regular board meeting. The meeting will be held in our large conference room on the second floor.

A public comment period is held at the beginning of each regular meeting. You must sign up to speak during the public comment […]

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Working together during COVID-19

Working together during COVID-19

This is a very difficult time, and we hope everyone around the world is listening to the guidance of public health authorities and taking all the
necessary precautions to keep themselves and their communities safe.

The Development Authority is carefully monitoring reliable news sources to understand how COVID-19 is impacting our region. […]

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