About Sherri Pruitt

Sherri is the Administrative Assistant at the Development Authority and is in charge assisting with the existing industries and companies/prospects who are locating in the Golden Isles. Sherri Pruitt is a tremendous asset to the Development Authority and started in the administrative and coordinator field over 20 years ago in Atlanta, Ga.

A City of Entrepreneurs in Historic Downtown Brunswick

A City of Entrepreneurs in Historic Downtown Brunswick

The geography of a region shapes everything from the businesses it attracts to the local cuisine. The Golden Isles is uniquely positioned along the Interstate 95 corridor and boasts everything from beaches to a growing main street.

Midway between Savannah, Georgia, and Jacksonville, Florida, the Golden Isles […]

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The Golden Isles Talent Development Strategy 2021-25

Golden Opportunities: Talent Development Strategy for the Golden Isles 2021-2025

Talent development plays many important roles in a community. It helps current employers hire and retain qualified employees to meet their ongoing business needs. It helps attract businesses looking to locate or expand their operations in a community. It helps individuals […]

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Great things made here

Great things made here: Odin Lumber Company is the latest Share the Future recipient

Project Summary

Odin Lumber Company is a family-owned manufacturer of Wood Baseball Bats driven by a passion for baseball and woodworking; a simple vision with big dreams: A company built from unconditional love for the game of baseball and woodworking […]

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Adding the government as a customer

Government Contracting Opportunity and Resources

Last year, *$12.3 billion in government spending was with Georgia companies and at least 312 sales transactions were with firms located in Brunswick, GA. Transactions varied from lodging, maintenance equipment, to marketing services.

The government is directed to buy a variety of products and services that your […]

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Golden Isles Maker Meetup Updates for 2021

Golden Isles Maker Meetup Updates for 2021

In the fall of 2020, we launched a new monthly networking event for the business community- Maker Meetups. These events are designed to provide a casual environment for professional, aspiring, and hobby makers to meet and share their business, startup resources, and industry best […]

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Reduce the Costs of Training and Development in 2021

Reduce the Costs of Your Training and Development in 2021

The past year has forced rapid changes in organizations across all departments. Adapting to new technology, hybrid working models, and other changes may still have your and your employee’s heads spinning.

It may also present critical skill and knowledge gaps in your […]

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Work Local

It’s easier than ever before to search for jobs in Glynn County, GA.

Shop small. Buy Local. These phrases have become synonymous with consumers’ choosing to shop at a farmer’s market or main-street artisan over major retailers.

At the Golden Isles Development Authority (GIDA), we encourage these values. As champions of our local and small business community, […]

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Leadership Connections Kicks Off with PaR Marine

Building Connections in The Golden Isles

As a part of the Keep Glynn Running program, the Golden Isles Development Authority (G.I.D.A.) welcomed students from the Community Action Youth Leadership Initiative (C.A.Y.L.I.) to learn more about careers in advanced production and technology. Special guest speakers from PaR Marine (Jered L.L.C.) shared their experience […]

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Welding programs continue to expand in the Golden Isles

Welding programs continue to expand in the Golden Isles

Manufacturing firms require a variety of skilled positions at varying levels. The Golden Isles education partners work never stops providing responsive curriculums and programs that meet today’s demand and prepare for future opportunities. Welding is an excellent example of one of the programs […]

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