8 Reasons the Golden Isles are Great for Business

Since it’s founding in 1733 Glynn County, Georgia’s coastal location has been the best place for a multitude of business and industrial users. As one of the original eight counties of Georiga, the coast of Glynn has been invaluable for both military and private sector development. We’ve come a long way since our founding, and continue to add the ways that we are a great place for business.

1. Strategic Transportation Assets

Everything a company needs to thrive is in Glynn County. The area offers business The Brunswick Golden Isles Airport, the Port of Brunswick, both Norfolk Southern and CSX railroads, and Interstate 95.

Glynn County is a prime destination for businesses that require access to container ports; the Port of Savannah and the Port of Jacksonville are only one hour or less in drive time. Companies are enabled to get the best price at either port.

2. Strong Workforce and Training Institutions

Workforce is often considered to be the top priority for business location decisions. Brunswick and Glynn County boast a wide array of workforce development and training programs.

The outstanding work of our technical and career schools is recognized throughout the state of Georgia. Last year Coastal Pines Technical College was named the #1 Top Technical College by James Magazine and Lt Gov. Casey Cagle named the Golden Isles College and Career Academy the, “The 2019 College and Career Academy of the Year.”

3. Aggressive Incentives for Targeted Industries

Georgia has an excellent reputation for a healthy business climate. The business incentives offered in Glynn County are no exception and can take your business to the next level.

More of our popular local incentives are listed. Our target industries include aerospace, advanced manufacturing, and logistics.

Tax Abatements – New and expanding businesses can potentially be exempt from paying property taxes for a set period. Tax abatements are based on industry type, total investment, and jobs created. Several abatement schedules are available to fit your project best.

Share the Future Fund – Discretionary grant funds provided by Brunswick and Glynn County Development Authority. The funds are determined by the total number and quality of jobs created.

Revolving Loan Fund – Target industries are eligible for local revolving loan funds. Many new and expanding companies use these funds to purchase new equipment or to negotiate better rates on their primary source of funding.

4. Existing Industry Support

When you locate or expand your business in Glynn County, you will always be valued. Too often, communities focus on the “next big thing” and forget or under-appreciate the existing industries. The majority of job creation and investment comes from within, and we stand ready to support our existing industries by identifying solutions to their challenges and creating opportunities for continued growth.

The Brunswick-Golden Isles Chamber is the largest business association in our County with 1,200 members. Our local chamber is committed to promoting a favorable economic climate and helping businesses support or initiate change in the community.

Location decisions must consider the short-term value of an area from tax credits, grants, and tax abatements. Unless you plan to move every few years, don’t forget to consider the long-term value a community provides to their existing industries.

5. Six Industrial Parks

Glynn County is home to six industrial parks. Also, Colonel’s Island and the Brunswick Golden Isles Airport have a significant amount of land available for additional development.

The Brunswick McBride Industrial Park is perhaps the most developed and well established industrial park in Glynn County. The park is nearly filled and has the Golden Isles Career Academy and Coastal Pines Technical College located in the direct center of the industrial park.

Gateways Industrial Park is another one of our prime industrial parks. The Development Authority owns gateways Industrial Park and the entrance to the park is only half a mile to I 95. The site is Georgia Ready for Accelerated Development certified. GRAD sites have met the program’s due diligence standards, been reviewed by a third party and earn the final approval of a steering committee comprised of public and private sector economic development professionals.

6. Low Millage Rates and Cost of Doing Business

Tax abatements only last so long. Glynn County is a strong choice for a business location because we recognize that high taxes restrict business growth. Glynn County has a long tradition of keeping their local taxes at levels that are just enough to cover the cost.

7. Pro-Business Leadership

Brunswick and Glynn County’s elected leadership recognizes the value of the industrial community.

Up to three times per year, elected officials and community leaders get together for an “Industry Appreciation Tour.” The goal of the tours is to allow the two groups to interact, so there’s a first-hand understanding of the value of Glynn County’s existing industries.

The Development Authority’s Board of Governors represent business. Our 5-member board represent an array of industy-expertise and provide valuable insight, skills and direction to our team.

Glynn County has several major projects underway that will largely benefit existing industries, including ramp expansions at the airport, highway widening, and water/sewer improvements.

8. Great Place to Live

Every community claims to be “a great place to live.” We want to be clear that first and foremost, Brunswick and Glynn County is a great place to do business.

However, Brunswick and Glynn County offer an excellent quality of life that few communities can match. Every year the tourism industry brings more than $1 billion to the local economy. A great quality of life makes it easy (and cost-effective) to establish a business and attract a healthy workforce.

Housing options are readily available for everyone – from entry-level positions to top-level management.

The Glynn County School System and the Southeast Georgia Healthcare System also contribute to the high quality of life and business climate.

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